How does God draw us out of the whirlpool of evil?
See question 70 of YOUCAT (1 points)
The Ten Commandments
He sends us a prophet
He sends us Jesus Christ
He drains out the water

From where do people get their soul?
See question 63 of YOUCAT (1 points)
The nearest supermarket

What is an angel?
See question 54 of YOUCAT (1 points)
A spiritual creature of God
An ethereal creature with wings and a white robe
A nativity character for Christmas
A cartoon floating above your right shoulder

What should you do once you have come to know God?
See question 34 of YOUCAT (1 points)
Go on living like before
Become a street preacher
Put him in the first place in your life
Write him a formal letter of thanks

Why does God give himself a name?
See question 31 of YOUCAT (1 points)
To make it possible to address him
People asked him to
To avoid confusion
He felt left out

How can we tell what belongs to the true faith?
See question 12 of YOUCAT (1 points)
by checking Scripture and the living Tradition of the Church
Personal Opinion
Living a good life
What your Mother tells you

What is the right way to read the Bible?
See question 16 of YOUCAT (1 points)
Fast because it has so many pages
Like a history book
By listening to it on audio CD

How can we respond to God when he speaks to us?
See question 20 of YOUCAT (1 points)
Consider what he says politely
Believe him
Ignore him
Google his contact information to respond

What is faith?
See question 21 of YOUCAT (1 points)
Blind obedience
Knowledge and trust
Believing in something we don’t know
The name of your third cousin

For what purpose are we on earth?
See question 1 of YOUCAT (1 points)
To be good people
To know & love God and do good according to his will
To take care of the earth
To have as much fun as we can