On 9 April 2014 the International Photo Contest closed the submissions. In the end we counted 1.077 photographs! Thank you, guys, you are magnificent! Tomorrow we will shut down the registry and voting. In the following days the winners will be drawn and informed via e-mail. The Jury's decision is final. 



A sister rocks "The Voice"

A nun sings at "The Voice Italia"

YOUCAT Question No. 345

What are the "Five Precepts of the Church"?

Catholic Integration Agency and the YOUCAT

Crux Sacra Productions from the US bring to one of their latest videos: the Catholic Integration Agency and the YOUCAT introduction! 



A video series of our friends in Portugal


The one and only YOUCAT Video!

Here is the official YOUCAT video which will be shown at the vigil of the WYD 2013, right before Pope Francis enters the stage.

Please share this video with your friends! We would like as many young people as possible to watch this video and get involved in deepening their faith!