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What is YOUCAT?

Catholic teaching easy, attractive and officially approved.

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Keep growing in faith with daily 5-minute dose of Holy Gospel from Y-Bible and YOUCAT or DOCAT question.

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Our Books

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YOUCAT for Kids

Catechism for children and parents

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best seller

Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church


An Introduction to the Bible with Selected Biblical Texts

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Social teaching of the Catholic Church


Why YOUCAT Books

1. Easy to understand

An easy and understandable summary of the teaching of the Catholic Church

2. Attractive illustrated

All topics are supported with awesome drawn illustrations

3. Officially approved

Our books are officially approved by the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Free Study Materials

Discover faith with our study guides for YOUCAT, DOCAT and YOUCAT for Kids.

DOCAT Study Guide

Creative course to learn in 36 sessions about the reliable social teaching of the Church.

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YOUCAT Studyguide
YOUCAT Study Guide

Learn in 26 sessions the YOUCAT content in a simple and structured way.

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YOUCAT Faith Course
YOUCAT Faith Course

An introduction to each of the 26 YOUCAT Study Guides

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YOUCAT for Kids Bonus Material
YOUCAT for Kids Bonus Material

An inspiring and entertaining way to learn Y4Kids questions.

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