Advent – Time to get closer to Christ

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YOUCAT Xmas Countdown #YGetCloser

You want to get more out of this Advent season than just shopping and Christmas music? Want to grow closer to Jesus and prepare yourself for your encounter with Christ? Then be part of the YOUCAT Xmas Countdown.

What is it about?

The YOUCAT Xmas Countdown #YGetCloser is a journey that will challenge you every day. We will post 24 daily meditations with YOUCAT, that will help you to prepare yourself to encounter Baby Jesus and to understand the message of Christmas.

How to get closer to Christ this Advent?

One of the toughest things in life are definitely the moments where you are supposed to wait. There is no shortage of waiting in life: Waiting for the weekend, waiting for the cookies to cool down so you can finally eat them or waiting for the holidays to begin.  We can be tempted to think of Advent as just another time spent waiting for something to happen. The waiting in Advent is very different from what we just described: It is an active waiting that makes our hearts restless. And it is an opportunity to meditate on God’s desire for us. The heart of God awaits us, and the season of Advent especially invites us to dwell on the mystery that God seeks us- not out of an obligation or duty but simply because he loves us.

What do I have to do?

Rather than pass the time of Advent by simply checking off the days in a calendar (or eating all the chocolate behind the doors) we can seek to encounter Him in the opportunities this season offers and get closer to his love. All you have to do is to like our daily picture on Facebook and read our daily meditation.




Let us walk towards Christmas. Let us run towards his love.  Let us get closer to Christ.

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