How it all began: The DOCAT and its Lent reflections

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Interview with Dr. Marco Bonacker   Lent is almost over. Easter is coming!  Perhaps you have already discovered through our social networks the DOCAT reflections and you use them to prepare for Easter. Today I would like to share with you the idea behind the project in a short interview with Dr. Marco Bonacker. He is not only very much involved in … Read More

Faith meets science or what we can learn from the most prominent atheist

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Stephen Hawking did not believe in life after death and religion was only a fairy tale to him. For decades, the gravely ill astrophysicist from Great Britain could only communicate via his speech computer. But his illness did not stop him from dealing with the complex questions of life, such as whether there is a God. Is the world a … Read More

Se Habla Español – Visit of Editorial Verbo Divino at our Headquarter

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Today we had the honour of welcoming Adam Peter Grondziel Richter Divine Word Missionary and director of editorial verbo divino. The name of Divine Word is related to the Bible since the small printing press at the origin of the Editorial’s history gave birth in 1959 to a simple edition of The Holy Gospels. Thus, since its beginnings, the Editorial … Read More