• God’s Master Plan: Love

    Why we do not understand God if we do not know that he is love. Why we need a“civilization of love”, and how we can change the world with love. DISCUSS

  • Together We Are Strong: The Church’s Social Mission

    Why no one can really be a Christian without being social.Why the Church is not an end in herself. Why she champions justicefor all human beings. DISCUSS

  • Unique and Infinitely Valuable: The Human Person

    Why a human being has no monetary value but an innate dignity. Why human rightshave just as good a foundation in faith as in reason, and why God alone canprotect human beings from falling into each other’s hands. DISCUSS

  • The Common Good, Personhood, Solidarity, Subsidiarity: The Principles of the Church’s Social Teaching

    Why we speak about four major principles of social doctrine; how they areethically justified and put into practice. And why they are especially wellqualified to analyze and improve societal conditions. DISCUSS

  • The Foundation of Society: The Family

    Why the family is the germ cell of society, what the family accomplishes for society,why the family life-style is particularly exposed to dangers (and not just today),and why it must therefore be especially protected. DISCUSS

  • Occupation and Vocation: Human Work

    Why work is not a curse but an expression of human self-realization.Why work makes us collaborators with God. Why work is for manand not man for work DISCUSS

  • Welfare and Justice for All: Economic Life

    Why economic life has its own laws. Why economic activity is humanly just only if allwho are involved gain something from it. Why the market, too, has limits andhow we can respond to globalization DISCUSS

  • Power and Morality: The Political Community

    Why politics needs foundations, legitimacy, and an ethical frameworkin order to be humane and useful. Why Christians cannot stay out of politics.Why Christians stand up for freedom and justice for all. And why it isin their best interests to be good citizens DISCUSS

  • One World, One Humanity: The International Community

    Why Christians must respond with new methods to a radically changing world.Why the Church has a special option for the poor and how we can organizesolidarity and global cooperation DISCUSS

  • Safeguarding Creation: The Environment

    Why Christians have a special relationship to nature and the environment.Why we must do something now to protect the environment and to finda sustainable way of using natural resources DISCUSS

  • Living in Freedom from Violence: Peace

    Why we need God in order to reach a lasting, fundamental peace. Why the Churchmust be a peacemaker and what she can contribute to the de-escalation of conflicts.Why radical pacifism does not resolve conflicts and when war may be waged DISCUSS

  • Personal and Societal Commitment: Love in Action

    Why Christians must become involved and where their involvement is needed:in the Church, in society, in social needs and societal conflicts, in parties andassociations. Why Christians have something to offer their contemporariesthat no one else is giving them DISCUSS