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DOCAT Study materials

Discovering faith is an exciting adventure. It's best to go on this adventure with friends and study together in groups ("study groups"). We offer a creative, 36-session course to help you learn about the reliable social teaching of the Church ("study guide"). Our study guide is easy to understand and includes everything you need to begin. You won’t need any preparation, previous experience, other materials or even the DOCAT book.

If you are looking for a new group, find it here on Facebook.

A new study guide of this 36-session course will be uploaded here every week.

Make a new start by love
Nobody is a copy - each person is an original being
There is enough for all men
The nucleus of a healthy society
Nobody should say: I am not needed…
An economy to serve men
The state is there for the people, not the other way around
The others mean richness and not threat
Earth belongs to our children and grandchildren
Whereby peace begins
Perform deeds of charity
I am able to do something you are not able to ...
Whatever helps everyone, it helps you, too
There are rights which are not subject to negotiation
The earth is growing closer together
If you have to flee because your homeland turns into hell...
The power in good hands
Beware of little wars, too
Zero tolerance for corruption
The world, our common house
A man is a man from the very beginning
Foundations of the state
Life is too precious to make cynical experiments
Children are divine love made visible (Novalis)
God holds the poor dear
About men and women and how they are connected
Earth belongs to God and to all his children
The art of raising a family
Help — and you will receive help
Christian commitment in the mainstream of opinions
The roots of all evil
State and Church, a complicated marriage
Silence the weapons
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