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Synod: Pope entrusts DOCAT to young auditors

Stefanie Bross
Stefanie Bross
October 24, 2018

The 19th General Congregation of the Synod of Bishops dedicated to young people began on the morning of Wednesday, October 24th and continued in the afternoon with the work of the Fathers to prepare the draft of the Final Document. The participants had the opportunity to take the floor and submit their observations in writing to the Synod Secretariat.

The Synod Hall had a special moment of celebration when the Pope gave all the young auditors a copy of the Docat: the book that presents the Social Doctrine of the Church in a young and dynamic language. The material was developed on the basis of important documents of the Church from Leo XIII to the present pontificate of Pope Francis, himself in the preface, tells us that "it is an instruction manual that helps us, with the Gospel, first of all to transform ourselves, then to transform our closest environment and, finally, the whole world".

The Pope's dream is that this change will take place at the hands of young people. "I hope that a million young people, even more so, that an entire generation will be, for their contemporaries, a social doctrine in movement," says Francis.