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WYD in Panama: Starting Point of the largest Social Doctrine Movement in Central America

Stefanie Bross
Stefanie Bross
January 4, 2019

The movement of formation in Social Doctrine has had its beginning in the workshops that were given during the previous days in the USMA Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua where more than 35 leaders coming from Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Panama, United States were trained with the DOCAT to be ambassadors and missionaries of the Social Doctrine during and after the WYD.

Thousands of pilgrims signed their promise to start DOCAT study groups at the stand of the Vocation Fair that DOCAT maintained every day, staffed by volunteers from different countries. The first to sign was the Archbishop of Panama himself who also put his name on the wall of the DOCAT promises. It can be said that the DOCAT has already flooded WYD and that the young pilgrims have received this gift from the Pope as the best motivation to make this dream of the Holy Father come true.