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Books that support and guide you

Do you have the longing to go deeper into your faith? You have a youth group in your parish and you don't want to bore the kids, but rather excite them for Jesus?

We have put together a small overview that will help you to find the right book for you. Find yourself in the descriptions and order your book right away.

The Seeker

You love to deal with deep questions of life. To understand the tradition and the bible better you devour books, movies, podcasts, just everything you can find. You are convinced that you can only speak authentically of your faith if you know it.

Our recommendation Our recommendation
The Change-Maker

You see the suffering, the injustice and you cannot and do not want to be silent anymore. You want to know what the church has to say about topics like: war, poverty, environment and family.

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The Carrier of Hope

You want to learn more about Jesus and invite Him into your life. You want to read the Bible completely, know it well and be able to share it with your friends afterwards. You are ready to be changed by the Word of God.

Our recommendation Our recommendation
The Future Builder

You are mom, dad, grandma, grandpa or godfather and want to tell the smallest ones about Jesus. You are looking for inspiration for Sunday School. You want to prepare your kids for their first Holy Communion in the best possible way.

Our recommendation Our recommendation

You did not find yourself in any of the profiles?

Feel free to keep looking around in our store, we have many more books that will support you in your mission! Promise! And if you still haven't found the right one, we would be very happy if you send us your feedback. Just send us a mail to: feedback(at)youcat.org

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