YOUCAT for Kids

Buch: YOUCAT for Kids, Deutsch
YOUCAT for Kids

The catechism for children and parents

After many years, there is finally a reliable book of the Church, in which everything is what children and parents (or teachers and educators) must know to be a Christian believer.

  • Flexcover 240 pages
  • Authors Fr. Martin Barta, Michaela von Heereman, Bernhard Meuser, Michael Scharf, Clara Steber, Christoph Weiss
  • Edition 1 (August 1, 2018)
  • ISBN 978-3945148112
Buch (Flexcover)
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Children discover the Catholic faith

  • Reading book for the transmission of faith
  • Funny illustrations
  • Suitable for preparing for First Communion

Interesting for adults

  • Easy language
  • Numerous child friendly illustrations
  • Background information for adults on each page

Tested and officially approved

  • During several years the texts were tested in families, schools and communion groups and optimized.
  • Review and approval by German-speaking bishops and Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome
  • Preface and recommendation by Pope Francis

Pope Foreword

Papst Franziskus
Dear children, Dear parents!

An 8-year-old boy from Canada once asked me the question: “What did God do before he created the world?” I thought about it and then replied: “Before God created anything, he loved. That’s what he did: he loved. God always loves. When he created the world, then, he didn’t do anything else except love.”

When flipping through the pages of YOUCAT for KIDS, I come across questions children ask their parents and catechists millions of times. That is why I consider this catechism as useful as the big Catechism, in which you can find answers to the most important questions of life: Where does this world come from? Why do I exist?

How and why shall we live here? What happens after death? YOUCAT for KIDS is a catechism very different from the one I used to have. YOUCAT for KIDS is suitable for children and parents to spend time together and, in doing so, discover God’s love more and more.

Tips for Using


Interview with Michaela von Heereman on how to use YOUCAT for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions


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