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What is YOUCAT Daily?

YOUCAT Daily is an ideal daily companion for those who are seeking more and want to grow in their faith. The unique format consists of an awesome trio: the gospel of the day, the matching YOUCAT (Youth Catechism) or DOCAT (Social Doctrine) question and a short inspiration from the international community. It is available at any time online and as free app.

A combinação perfeita

The Gospel of the Day
The gospel of the day gives you the opportunity to connect with the universal church. Every day the same gospel is read all over the world.
YOUCAT Questions
Scripture and tradition belong together. The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains what Christ taught the apostles and what we as Catholics believe since the foundation of his Church by Christ.
DOCAT Questions
DOCAT is a summary of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. It inspires to put the Gospel into practice and to give answers to the different social questions.


Nesta parte, a nossa comunidade tem a palavra. Há espaço para testemunhos, citações de santos, e aos domingos há um desafio para a semana.
Liturgia Diária
Encontre as leituras das missas católicas de hoje.
Track Your Progress
Your progress is based on the number of YOUCAT and DOCAT questions you have read over time. Stay motivated by collecting badges and creating series.