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The World youth day in Panama will be the starting point of a unique campaign promoting the study of the Social Doctrine of the Church - and you can be part of it. At the WYD2019, pilgrims can promise to the church to study the DOCAT and in turn get the DOCAT book and the digital DOCAT Study Guide and Book for free.

According to the wish of the host of the WYD in Panama the Spanish speaking participants are to start a study movement on Social Doctrine in the Central American nations. If you know Social Doctrine and ‚train‘ yourselves first you are prepared to find solutions and answers to today’s problems of society. This project is sponsored by ACN.

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3 Ways How to Apply

DOCAT to Your Life


Read the DOCAT to understand the social teaching and transform your mind with prayer.


Study in groups with friends and discuss how to tackle the issues around you.


Go with Jesus to solve problems and change your surroundings.

A Revolution of Love

The DOCAT is an easily understandable and attractively designed summary of the social teaching of the Catholic Church. The social doctrine offers principles and guidance in keeping with the gospel for important social topics such as family, work, politics, environment, etc… In other words, it shows you how to change society through the power of the gospel and how to start a revolution of love and justice!

Papst Franziskus

Nothing else will change the world but people who with Jesus devote themselves to it, who with him go to the margins and right into the middle of the dirt. Go into politics, too, and fight for justice and human dignity, especially for the poorest of the poor.


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