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Discovering faith is an exciting adventure. The best way to do this is with friends in a study group. Whether alone or in groups: We offer you many useful materials.


Using our study guide, you can learn the contents of the YOUCAT in a structured way.
Simply download it, print it out and get started.
We offer a total of 26 study guides, with a new part being released every two weeks.

How does God reveal himself to men?
What does it mean to say: God becomes man?
How does God reconcile us with Him and with others?
Why is the Holy Mass the “main event” of the Church?
What is celibate life in the Church?
What does it mean to marry in the Church?
What do the commandments have to do with charity?
What is making me free, and what is restricting my freedom?
What is the meaning of “You shall keep holy the Sabbath“?
What is the meaning of “You shall not bear false witness”?
How are Christians acting socially responsible?


We develop the materials for you! We want to help you discover the fascination of faith.

Therefore we have written many books and provide these study materials free of charge.

If you have feedback and ideas for improvement on the existing materials or if you would like new documents or information, please write to us feedback@youcat.org.

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